Always be prepared

Illira Group is about saving lives and giving people the knowledge to save their own.

Be ready for anything

It has been proven that providing regular training and refresher courses to disaster volunteers and professionals increases their ability to be physically and mentally prepared to respond effectively.

Light up the darkness

Illira’s engagement initiatives aim to prepare individuals and communities to be resilient, through any situation.

Ready to go

When time is critical Illira is your ready to go partner when you need help the most.


Illira Group

Illira takes a holistic approach to public safety, offering comprehensive solutions & services to institutions and individuals alike. Our customers frequently rely on us for emergency preparedness assessments, plans and kits but ultimately select us due to our superior combination of preparedness training that provides the best end-to-end safety self management and accountability solutions in market.

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The most effective method of reducing the impacts of an emergency situation is through preparation. It’s impossible to be adequately prepared without proper knowledge.

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Regular hands-on training and refresher courses increase the ability of emergency response professionals. Illira understands the importance of this and the need to have a strong focus on training.

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Disaster response requires a multi-faceted approach, across many different agencies and disciplines. Illira is dedicated to improving and expanding the resources available for disaster response.

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We strongly believe individuals can reduce the impact of disasters on their community through engagement programs aimed at educating people on the importance of disaster preparation.

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Disaster Response

Disaster response is the second phase of disaster management. The aim of emergency response is to do as much as possible, as quickly as possible, to maintain life, improve health and support the morale of the affected
population. Find out how solutions and training from Illira Group can ensure you’re always prepared.

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Always be prepared.

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