The aim of emergency response is to do as much as possible, as quickly as possible, to maintain life, improve health and support the morale of the affected communities. Find out how solutions and training from Illira Group can ensure you’re always prepared.

Response Services

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Drone Capability

The solutions provided by drone technology and capabilities in supporting businesses and operations is an important consideration for organisations. Our team has a wide range of experience in different applications of drone technology and equipment and is available to support your needs. Illira has a team of professionals qualified and ready to assist in your commercial needs.

Shut-down & Risk Consultancy Services

Illira has the capability to provide a variety of onsite shutdown services for your business including the supply of specialist staff (security, medical, emergency response), conduct site risk assessments, QA, WHSE review and documentation.

Humanitarian and Environmental Response

Environmental emergencies such as oil or hazardous material spills can be damaging incidents not only for the environment but also for an organization’s reputation. Our team of response professionals have coordinated and been involved in multiple cleanups dating back to 1990; including a 40-man operation to execute an oil spill cleanup, mine clearing procedures and reconstructions during the Gulf War. As well as the execution of a World Bank awarded contract for the cleanup of the Komi Oil Spill. More recently Illira Group team members from 2011 – 2020 have been involved in numerous bushfires, floods, planning and recovery operations.

Fire & Rescue

With an increase in natural and man-made disasters and the lengthening Australian bushfire season Illira Group has developed and offers a variety of disaster preparedness and response solutions. These solutions include, preparedness planning, active fire response, rescue, and recovery. Our team has a wide range of experience in diverse response capacities including cyclone, fire and drought response, international operations including 2,500 people rescued during the Nyngan Floods.

Health and Medical

With the goal of preserving human life, Illira has developed significant experience and offers services in the provision of medical staff, equipment and facilities for critical infrastructure industries and remote/rural environments. Our team contains multiple registered paramedics, all with extensive coordination abilities who have completed operations such as the Kenyan Ambulance Services Review, (a national review of Kenyan Ambulance Services). During this review our capabilities were tested when a significant road traffic crash took place during this review leading to a saving of life.

Law Enforcement Private Security

Integrated law enforcement & security solutions are an essential part of maintaining the safety of high-profile individuals and the community at events or transitional spaces. With a team composed of former military and law enforcement professionals Illira can provide private security services for individuals or events including conferences and festivals. At Illira we believe in detailed planning and preparation and offer reconnaissance services including venue risk assessments and transportation routes to all private security customers.

Emergency Response Available

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Disaster and emergency response and training requires a multi-pronged approach, across many different agencies. Illira is dedicated to improving and expanding the resources available for disaster response and training, working alongside you and within your existing command structures.

Always be prepared.

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