What does Illira Group do?

Illira are a proactive emergency safety planning, workplace and risk assessment and response business that tackles disaster awareness and response through a holistic approach to education and training. Illira partners with individuals and organisations to assist them in the working through the four quadrants of the disaster cycle, providing the best end-to-end self management and accountability solution.

Where is the Illira Group based?

With our Head Office is in Brisbane, Australia we are positioned to respond to any challenge rapidly. We have offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Washington DC & London. In addition, Illira has a mobile operational office available for launching in response to a demand event.

Why would I or my organisation use Illira Group?

Illira puts safety and the preservation of life above all else, this is why we attract the highest trained and specialised team members. Our team has come from a diverse range of industries, be that Defence, SES, Fire and Ambulance, all with one shared core value…” Saving Lives”.


How long will it take me to do a course?

Each course varies in duration and the level of work involved. To successfully complete a qualification will vary from each unit of competency and qualification. Each training program details an estimated time for completion and advises potential participants of the expected course workload.

Why is an Illira Course better than other courses?

Illira focuses on skills development. Our goal is to prepare students to respond to the extremely demanding challenges, experienced when doing their job and responding to an emergency or disaster situation. Our holistic systematic approach provides students with the theoretical knowledge combined with the practical skills development to ensure that you gain the maximum benefit from your learning experience. Our students graduate from each course as ‘Operationally Ready’, where traditionally past industry training models graduated students as ‘Trained’ requiring further experience before entering an operational environment.

Will I get value for money with the course I buy?

Illira Group prides itself on the quality of the training that we provide with all accredited units of competency and training packages complying with the standards as set by the Australian Quality Skills Authority. In addition, Illira Group is currently processing full accreditation under the international better practice standards as established under five different International Standards, ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, ISO45001:2018, ISO27001:2013 and ISO28007:2015. Our attention to excellence combined with our approach in tailoring our training to the specific needs of individuals and employer’s ensures the highest training standards are achieved. This approach ensures that the results are measured, achievable and focused on meeting operational challenges.

What will I gain from completing an Illira Course?

By completing an Illira course you will have the opportunity to develop greater skills or refresh existing ones. In addition, depending on your occupation our course may contribute to your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) obligations.


How can we organise a workshop?

Simply give us a call, email or complete the online application. At Illira Group we value equality. When you call you may be speaking with our Company Secretary, the Founder, one of our Trainers or even one of our work experience participants.  No matter who you talk to you will be treated as a valuable customer and your questions will be answered promptly.

What is the difference between education and training?

At Illira we focus on saving lives and protecting our community through preparedness, education, training and response. This focus can only be achieved through a systems approach to Public Safety.

The first step in working towards the preservation of life and community is through the delivery of education outcomes. At Illira we define Education as the provision of accredited and un-accredited theoretical knowledge that enhances knowledge and informs preparedness. Training is defined as the provision of theoretical experience combined with practical skills development.  Our training model focuses on the skills development of participants through to an ‘Operationally Ready’ standard of training. This means that upon graduation from our training programs, you will have all of the prerequisite skills to operate in a emergency or disaster situation within the confines of the training scope undertaken.

Are the training courses offered by Illira recognised?

Illira offers a range of courses designed to prepare individuals, organisations, and communities to prepare for situational events, disaster and emergency situations.  These courses are made up of a combination of accredited and non-accredited training and education packages.

What is the difference between an accredited and an unaccredited course?

The accredited training packages provided by Illira comply with the standards outlined under the Australian Qualifications Framework, and the Australian Skills Quality Authority. Accredited courses work towards a unit of competency and or formal qualification. Illira offers training packages up to the Diploma level of qualification.

Unaccredited courses focus of the sharing of knowledge to assist in preparing individuals and organisations for individual and workplace safety, risk, disaster or emergency situations.  These courses are designed to raise awareness and introduce participants, through less formal process, to the learning outcomes of the specific training package. These courses are commonly referred to as soft skills.


What is the difference between a natural disaster and a manmade disaster?

Natural disasters are defined as severe geo-physical or climatic events, such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, cyclones, landslides and fires that threaten people or property.  These events are normally not man-made however, they can be impacted by the actions of the modern world.

Man-made disasters are events which are caused by human activities and sometimes inactivity these include events such as industrial chemical accidents and oil spills, major road and bridge failures, severe road accidents. Man-made disasters can have a significant impact on social and economic wellbeing/stability or physical impacts.

Is there any difference in a natural disaster verses an emergency response?

Typically, the same skills and services are required for response to both a natural disaster and an emergency response. The clearest difference is the source of the event, be it man-made or natural and the severity of the event. Emergency response events tend to be of a smaller scale and do not meet the requirements for declaration as a disaster under the Australian Government Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Authority (NDRRA) guidelines.

Are there different types of natural disasters or emergencies which you respond to?

Illira is comprised of specialist emergency response personnel who are able to respond to the majority of natural and man-made disaster or emergency events should the need arise.

Are there only certain regions you work in?

Although our operations are predominately within the Asia Pacific we are positioned to mobilise on an as required basis.

Can Illira complete organisational risk assessments and disaster response capabilities?

We offer a wide range of reviews to assist organisations in workplace health & safety and risk mitigation assessments and disaster or emergency preparedness auditing. During the scoping phase of each potential engagement, we will discuss the needs of your organisation and specifically adapt our program to your risk profile and organisational needs.


How do I know if I am prepared enough for a disaster event?

Every persons personal and business situation is different. Illira can help you assess your readiness and provide expert support and suggestions.

I have been impacted by a natural disaster. How can Illira help me?

Illira has the capability to assist you with your response activities.  To find out more please contact directly to discuss your situation.

How can I get my community involved in disaster preparedness activities?

Disaster preparedness and community reliance does not happen overnight. Preparedness is an all year undertaking. To get your community aware and interested, your events and activities must be relevant to your communities needs. Oh and they must be fun, engaging and informative.

Can Illira support us in our community education initiatives?

Illira would welcome the opportunity to work with you and your community.  If your community needs some assistance in seeking grant funding for some activities we are more than ready to assist.  Illira partners with communities in the delivery of specially constructed community programs.

Always be prepared.

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