• For Individuals

    As an individual you are the most qualified to preserve and protect yourself, and those around you. In recognising this Illira, has developed a suite of training programs and resources to assist you in being safety aware and skilled in managing risks within the environment in which you live, work...

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  • For Business

    The industry of public safety is all encompassing including workplace health & safety, business continuity and business risk management. At Illira we are dedicated to running events, developing courses, workshops, and personalised plans for ensuring the safety of your business and employees. Our courses and workshops are designed to provide...

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  • For Government

    In recognising the critical role of all three levels of government in disaster and emergency management, all government agencies are still employers and responsible for the safety of their workers, the broader community and management of risks within their PCBU. Illira Group’s structure and approach enables us to work within...

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