In recognising the critical role of all three levels of government in disaster and emergency management, all government agencies are still employers and responsible for the safety of their workers, the broader community and management of risks within their PCBU. Illira Group’s structure and approach enables us to work within your existing systems and partner with you to provide enhanced skills development and support in specialised areas.

Our courses and workshops are designed to provide a wealth of core knowledge and expertise in specific areas to all employees across your organisation. As employers, it is our responsibility to provide and upskill our staff allowing them to learn and adapt in these everchanging work conditions. The tools and services which Illira provide help you in recognising your risk exposures, assisting in the development of mitigation strategies, which in turn reduce the likelihood and/or consequence of an event. Should an incident occur we are there to support you in your recovery activities.

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Risk Assessments and Consulting

At Illira Group we offer proactive emergency and safety planning solutions for businesses of any size and in any niche. We have a team of risk management consultants who can provide you with critical information and guide you through the adaptive decision-making framework whilst helping you identify any risks you could potentially face.

Click below to book in a free consultation with one of our consultants or alternatively download our E-book and learn how thorough risk assessment will allow you to make better business decisions.

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At the Illira Group we conduct a large array of workshops and events to educate employers and employees across all industries. We have a suite of accredited and non-accredited training solutions being delivered in 2021. Lookout for our 2021 Calendar which will soon be released.



At the Illira Group we offer a large range of response services from humanitarian and environmental response through to shutdown and risk consultancy services. To view a full range of our Response services and read more information please continue through to our response page.

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