As an individual you are the most qualified to preserve and protect yourself, and those around you. In recognising this Illira, has developed a suite of training programs and resources to assist you in being safety aware and skilled in managing risks within the environment in which you live, work and play.

In addition our training solutions may enable you, in a professional capacity, to acquire new knowledge and skills and provide you the opportunity to gain CPD hours. At the Illira Group we offer courses, resources & webinars to boost individual preparedness.

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Public Safety Short Courses


Emergency Checklist

This free resource contains a variety of essential checklists to keep you and your family safe in the event of a disaster.

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At the Illira Group we conduct a large array of workshops and events to educate individuals across all industries. We have a suite of accredited and non-accredited training solutions being delivered in 2021. Lookout for our 2021 Calendar which will soon be released.



At the Illira Group we offer a large range of response services from humanitarian and environmental response through to shutdown and risk consultancy services. To view a full range of our Response services and read more information please continue through to our response page.

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